Physics in Collision 2010

Instruction for Speakers at Physics in Collision 2010

Please take note of the following instructions.
  1. The PIC conference consists of a series of review talks covering the most important current research in all fields of experimental high energy physics. Speakers are expected to present a complete review of a particular research topic rather than concentrating exclusively on results from their own experiment or research project.
  2. When closely related topics are presented by different speakers, speakers are expected to coordinate presentations so as to maximize coverage and minimize duplication.
  3. This is not a topical conference and speakers should address physicists working in other HEP research areas. Therefore specialized jargon should be avoided and terminology should be clearly defined. Also, it is expected that speakers do not neglect the pedagogical aspect of a presentation - they are chosen both for their expertise in the field and their ability to give high quality talks.
  4. Since these are review talks, it is impossible to present all research details. It is more important to clearly transmit the "big picture" than to rush through many technical details.
  5. It is appropriate and desirable to present a brief introduction to the research topic, mentioning past work and showing the importance of new results.
  6. Good clear summaries are useful at the end of the talk, with a discussion of the significance of the research for the broad field of high energy physics.
  7. The speakers are expected to submit a write-up of the presentation, to be published in the proceedings. When accepting the invitation to give a talk, the speakers should be aware that this includes the commitment to submit their manuscripts within the deadline to ensure timely publication.

Download the instruction for speakers

Upload Instructions

Please take the following steps to upload your talk or poster for Physics in Collision 2010.
  1. Go to the Indico page of Physics on Collision 2010.
  2. Login using your CERN account (click on the orange button on the top right).
  3. Click on the menu entry "Contribution List" form the navigation menu on the left.
  4. Find your talk in the contribution list. You can use the provided filters for type, session and track by clicking on the apply button below the selection.
  5. Click on the title of your talk to get a summary of your contribution.
  6. Use the link "Add Material". A small dialog will open.
  7. Choose a file you want to upload and select the correct material type. Everything else can be left unchanged. Click "Create Resource".
  8. You can add additional files or change previously uploaded material anytime you like.

Instructions for the Proceedings

After the symposium you have to contribute to the proccedings. Please take care of the following instructions.
  1. All contributions should use the provided template file. For those people interested in LaTeX, style file is still in preparation. Once the LaTeX file is in place we will send out an e-mail to all the contributors.
  2. The length of the contributions should be:
    - 10 pages for 40 min talks
    - 7 pages for 25 min talks
    - 4 pages for posters
  3. All contributions should be send by email to info∂
  4. Send in any proceedings contribution before:


Deadline: October 31st, 2010