Physics in Collision 2010

Social Events

On Wednesday and Friday there will be two social events. Costs are cover by the conference fee. Accompanying persons are charged seperately. Find more information on the registration page.

Reception in Karlsruhe Palace

On September 1st at 7pm there will be a reception in the Karlsruher Schloss. The Karlsruhe Palace was erected in 1715 by Margrave Karl Wilhelm of Baden-Durlach in the forest nearby his previous capital Durlach, where not enough space could be found for such a large edifice. The city of Karlsruhe has since grown around it. The palace houses the Badisches Landesmuseum which offers the most important exhibitions of  the former state of Baden covering historical epochs from ancient and early history to contemporary times. Parts of the musem will be open to the visitors of PIC 2010 during the reception.

Tour to Maulbronn Monastery and Conference Dinner

Maulbronn Abbey (picture by WeiterWinkel September 3rd, there will be an excursion to the Maulbronn monastery founded in 1147. The cloister is considered to be the best preserved and most impressive medieval abbey north of the Alps. Twelve moks form Alsace began building the abbey in 1147 and set up the monastic establishment in accordance with the building rules and features of the Cistercian establishments already in existence in Burgundy. After the Reformation - and the dissolution of the monastery - Maulbronn became the seat of the Dukes of Württemberg. Duke Christopher of Württemberg arranged for a Protestant monastery school to be established in 1556, which was converted into a Protestant theological seminary in 1807 and still exists today. Herman Hesse, wellknown author, was a seminarist for 7 month at Maulbronn.

The cloister combines various architectural styles: from the Romanesque style at the north side through to the light Gothic form of expression at the south side. In 1993 Maulbronn Monastery was added to the "World Cultural Heritage" list as a UNESCO world cultural monument.

Vis-a-vis to the cloister there will be the conference dinner in the Hotel-Restaurant Klosterschmiede, followed by a concert inside the cloister.